About Me

Born in 1968.
Carol studied Fine Art at Nottingham Trent Polytechnic in the eighties.
She has worked as a graphic artist, illustrator, muralist and tutor.
She lives and works in Essex.

Specialising in life drawing the ethos of her work is finding a direct and honest response to the subject. Through a process of working quickly she finds the challenge demands spontaneous and immediate responses, almost subconsciously making marks finding the essence of movement, weight and light on the figure (body) often leaving much to the imagination of the viewer. I find there is something inimitable about drawing the figure from life, I have found over time I am interested in the fragility of the line made at speed to capture a moment, fleeting, grabbing the moment. If ever I have tried to revisit a drawing after the session it falls apart, it is as if it is held together by dust or cobweb, something ethereal. I would compare regular life drawing to an athlete keeping match-fit. I find speed of the work also enables the model to take up more dynamic and interesting poses. In contrast to drawing when painting I can play, manipulating the medium to create illusions either in a still life or abstract or a trompe l’oeil, just allowing the paint to paint. I still only like to work in one sitting when possible. I like nothing better than sitting down with a still life and trying to capture something of that day.